Retevis RT628 Camouflage Kids Walkie Talkies Outdoor Toy for Kids 0.5W License-free FRS 22CH 2 Way Radio for Kids(1 Pair)

Price: $55.98 - $21.99
(as of Dec 12,2017 04:37:07 UTC – Details)

If you want to take your kids to traveling or explore the outside, maybe you need this camouflage RT628 kids walkie talkies;it can help your kids to explore by their-selves,and you also can found him anytime.

It is the cool gift for boys to play, and they like the small soldier to protect the family.It also the great tool for dad to play with their kids.

It is not only a kids walkie talkies, but also the great tool for couple to communicate with each other,and they can contact each other when traveling.


VOX function
Open the VOX function ,and the kids will not need to press the PTT to talk, it is convenient for them to play.

Channel lock
If the kids will change the channel by accident, you can lock the keypad,and they will not change,and they will keep the communicate.

Setting the double channel monitor
When you set a channel that you want to communicate,and you also want to received another channel, you can set the double channel monitor.The radio will pick up the voice which one transmit the signal first.

121 privacy code
10 call tone
Channel lock
LCD display including ,battery status indicator
Adjustment volume level
Transmitting and receiver icons
Channel number and scan status
Monitor function
Setting the double channel monitor
Scan function
Power selection
Push to talk timeout timer
Setting and transmitting call tones
Setting the sensitivity level
Setting the squelch level 1-6

Package include:
2 x RT628 Camouflage walkie talkies
2 x Belt clip
1 x User manual

Some sweet tips:
1. Please read the instruction carefully before you use it.
2. The batteries types should be same,and the Energizer batteries maybe well.
3. You can use rechargeable batteries and can offer more convenient.
0.5W license free kids walkie talkies is easy to operate for kids and help them explore the outside
Crystal voice and camouflage color designed for the kids camping or family traveling and it is cool
Long range to play and will provide the enough range for your outdoor communication
LCD display can provide more convenient for you to use in the dark environment
Simple and convenient return process;90 days warranty and 30 day return with no questions asked

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