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MuscleTech Phase8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, Milk Chocolate, 4.6 Pounds (2.10kg)

Price: $31.17
(as of Jan 14,2018 02:40:17 UTC – Details)

PHASE8 is a premium blended protein formula that feeds your muscles for 8 hours. Each scoop contains an impressive 26-gram blend of milk-derived proteins that supplies a sustained-release of amino acids. PHASE8 has a superior, clean macronutrient profile with only half the carbs and fat of the leading competitorDelicious Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein, Milk Protein, Casein blend protein powder – 26 grams of protein per scoop
Powered by 7 high quality protein sources – including 97% Whey Protein Isolate
8 hours of amino acid and BCAAs delivery
Features Whey Protein for Increases in Muscle Size and Strength
Contains fast release whey protein isolate and slow release milk proteins


MusclePharm Combat Powder Advanced Time Release Protein, Chocolate Milk, 4 Pound

Price: $39.99 - $39.75
(as of Dec 08,2017 22:47:50 UTC – Details)

This is 25 Grams of High-Quality Protein in a Tasty, East-To-Mix Shake, Formulated for Athletes and Active People. People who train hard demand a superior and more effective protein. To maximize lean muscle growth and recovery ensuring proper protein utilization, MusclePharm scientists fortified Combat Protein Powder with a variety of protein blends that digest at varying rates—this helps fuel your muscles longer. The great-tasting, easy-mixing digestive blend is fine-tuned for true nutrient utilization–a step ahead in protein powder technology. Most other protein products seem to be okay with the status quo, the minimum. But ask yourself: do you give your workouts minimum effort? MusclePharm scientists over-delivered. Combat Protein Powder is precision-engineered with whey protein concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates, egg albumin, and micellar casein. These help create a muscle-building environment for longer periods of time, which results in greater muscle building, recovery and performance.25 Grams Of Award Winning, High-Quality Protein To Meet The Recovery Needs Of Elite Athletes, And Those Who Engage In An Active Lifestyle
5 Powerful, Time Released, Proteins Are Fast & Slow Digesting
With Only 5 Grams Of Carbohydrates, This Protein Blend Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass
Take It Anytime: Morning, Pre/Post Workout, And Night